Help Us Prove the DCCC Wrong

 In America

All across the country, the DCCC has begun orchestrating a series of attacks on progressive women running for Congress in 2018.


And now, after launching an all-out smear campaign against progressives in Texas, they’ve moved on to Wisconsin’s 1st District — tipping the scales of our primary towards their chosen candidate, Randy Bryce.


Let me make myself clear: The DCCC has a history of meddling in elections, dragging its own party members through the mud, and barking orders at real organizers and progressive activists from the comfort of their cushy offices in Washington, D.C.


If the DCCC seriously thinks it can squash the grassroots energy driving this campaign, then I’m going to need you to help me prove them wrong. Chip in now to tell the DCCC to stop influencing WI-01’s primary >>>


Why did the DCCC attack our grassroots campaign? Because they know that our movement is growing. We are on pace to raise nearly $800,000 for the campaign from nearly 20,000 donors by the end of the quarter next week. And since our video launched, it has been viewed more than 2,000,000 times, helping us bring even more people into our campaign. Help us send a message to the DCCC by chipping in now and helping us hit our $200,000 March goal!


The establishment has never been with us, and honestly, I’m fine with that. Believe it or not, progressives in Wisconsin don’t need folks on the coasts to tell them what’s best for them, and we certainly don’t need the DCCC on our side to know that we’re doing something right.


While my opponent may wear his endorsement like a badge of honor, I’m proud to have been given the cold shoulder by the DCCC. Donate $5, $10, or $25 now to help us stand up to the Washington establishment by hitting our $200,000 end-of-month goal.


Thank you,




Find out more about Cathy’s campaign for Congress at her website,; Facebook,; or Twitter, @CathyMyersWI.

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