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We Will Not Be Ignored

On November 8th, 2016, I wept for the future of my children, my community, and my country. But soon after, I made the decision to channel my anger and frustration from Donald Trump’s election [...]


Protect Our Schools From Gun Violence

In response to the 18th school shooting of 2018, Paul Ryan’s top concern is the rights of gun owners, not the lives of the students who were shot in Florida, or the kids who now attend [...]


We Need a Better Plan

Medicare works. That’s why I support Medicare for All. No one in Congress has worked harder to cut Medicare than Paul Ryan. Now, his partner in crime, Donald Trump, has proposed cutting [...]


We Did It!

Paul Ryan just voted to pass a bill combating sexual assault on Capitol Hill. This is huge. Last November, we learned about the Settlements and Awards Fund, which is a fund of taxpayer money used [...]


Paul Ryan’s $1.50 Publicity Stunt

Paul Ryan gave corporations and the wealthiest families a $1.5 trillion tax cut, but he thinks the rest of us will be happy with a measly $1.50 a week! In less than 280 characters, he showed just [...]


State of the Union Response

Watching Paul Ryan smile proudly, stand, and clap for Trump over 56 times last night at the State of the Union address was hard to watch. Listening to what Trump had to say and knowing how his [...]


Big Money Behind The GOP’s Tax Law

We’re not going to beat Paul Ryan with slick ads & Hollywood fundraisers. Far too often, we see the reality of the Citizens United v. FEC decision. Billionaires are using unlimited [...]


It’s Time To Stand Up For DREAMers

Paul Ryan has the votes in the House to pass the DREAM Act, but he refuses to call a vote until a majority of Republicans support the bill. Right now, thousands of DREAMers are being torn from [...]


Employers Should Not Steal Worker’s Tips

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump are picking the pockets of low-wage workers, again. The Department of Labor proposed a rule to allow employers to take their workers’ tips! The rule would take [...]


Join My Campaign to Replace Paul Ryan

I can tell you what motivates me personally or what drives me professionally, but you can trust that I’ll do what I say in Congress because I’ve been doing it as an elected official at the local [...]

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