My Plan For Gun Safety Legislation That Will Keep Our Communities Safe

 In America

I won’t beat around the bush. Gun violence has been a huge problem in this country for a long, long time.

Lax gun laws, giant loopholes, and systemic racism have all played a part in contributing to the major problem of gun violence happening in the United States right now. Our nation has a history of senseless violence, and instead of working toward a solution, some wear the proliferation of guns in this country as a badge of honor. That history needs to come to an end. Something has to change.

And even though Congress hasn’t lifted a finger to address this problem that’s killing thousands every year, grassroots organizing has already started to make a difference. Moms, students, teachers, and so many everyday folks like you and me have risen up across the country to demand change. And little by little, we’re getting there — from raising up the next generation of activists to convincing corporations to break from the NRA and implement gun safety measures of their own.

But if we’re going to work toward an end to senseless gun violence, we also need commonsense gun safety legislation. We cannot put the responsibility on victims to keep themselves safe from assault weapons.

My hope is that this legislation will happen as quickly as possible after we come out and vote in a new Congress during the November midterm elections. And as soon as that happens, I’ll be prepared.

Today, I’m releasing my plan for commonsense gun safety legislation. Read it and sign on here:

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