I unequivocally support Medicare for All. A universal healthcare system will save lives, reduce our overall healthcare spending by trillions, and eliminate a major hurdle for entrepreneurs.

I want small business owners to profit, not insurance companies.

While obstructionists in Congress block progress on Medicare for All, I will actively advocate for universal healthcare and Medicaid expansion legislation at the state level, which does not require federal action.

To win, we must organize and elevate the stories of people affected by our broken system. Children, like my friend Jack, would be unable to pay for life-saving medication if Representative Ryan got his way.

Defending Public Education

As a 24-year high school teacher, I have watched our public education system slowly deteriorate due to decades of partisan attacks. It’s why I ran for the Janesville school board and why I continue to serve my community – to use my experience to advocate for students, parents, and teachers.

Our democracy depends on quality public education.

Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos was a travesty and we must resist her persistent attacks on our neighborhood schools. I oppose her ideological crusade to shift federal education funding from public to religious schools.

I believe we should invest in free public college and provide the resources our technical and trade schools need to adapt to the rapidly-evolving global economy.



Our schools should be a sanctuary for our children, but they have become a primary target of those who seek to use gun violence to terrorize our communities. I will take on the NRA and demand legislation to ban military-style assault weapons, prohibit high-capacity magazines, raise the age for purchasing a gun to 21, require universal background checks on all gun purchases, and close the loopholes that allow those guilty of domestic violence to own a firearm.

This is a societal problem that we all must take action to address.

Get active by forming or joining community groups to advocate for stricter laws at the state and local level, promote gun storage safety, and establish buyback programs to get guns off our streets. Real reform is achievable if we work together to reduce gun violence, suicides, and mass shootings in our communities.


Make College More Affordable

Paul Ryan has advocated for the elimination of Pell Grants and wants to force young Americans to take on even more student loan debt. His short-sighted approach limits access to a college education for low-income families and limits the ability of all students to reach their full potential.

Student debt relief will unleash innovation and improve our economy.

The nearly $1.5 trillion student loan bubble is expanding before our eyes, so we must take action to address it. More than 44 million Americans are burdened by student loans and over 11% of borrowers are unable to make payments. I will work hard to make student loan repayment more affordable so young Americans can afford to buy a home, start a family, and follow their passions to start new businesses that create jobs in our communities.


Hands Off Women

Decisions about your health should be made by you and your doctor, not corporate executives or politicians. History will not view Paul Ryan’s attempts to regulate women’s bodies favorably, so the time is now to hold him accountable.

I have always been 100% pro-choice and will never compromise on women’s health.

I have spent my life fighting for women’s equality. I was part of the first full class of women to graduate from Westminster College, a formerly all-male college. I have actively organized women locally to build political and economic power. As a member of Zonta in Janesville, I volunteer to empower women in my community and world. I am a graduate of the Emerge political training program, and have consistently supported women running for political office.


Championing LGBT Rights

We must stay vigilant to protect LGBT rights, which are being threatened by Donald Trump’s radical agenda.

The LGBT community can trust me to be a consistent and vocal ally.

I have always stood up for my friends in the LGBT community. When a student asked for my help starting a Gay-Straight Alliance in 2007, I did not hesitate. When dozens of protesters spoke out at a routine school board committee hearing to approve the group, I spoke against them and then we organized local residents to show their support for our group at the next meeting.

The school board approved our Gay-Straight Alliance, and our group has played a leading role in successfully changing the culture for LGBT students at our school.

Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Our current immigration system is cruel, and we should be ashamed of our government’s treatment of immigrant families. I will protect DACA recipients and their families.

I support policies that unite families and communities.

We must take the enforcement of federal immigration laws out of the hands of state and local police. Minority populations should feel safe and secure in this country, so we should not allow them to be one election away from constant harassment by an out of control politician like Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

We must put an end to the private prison industry, which benefits the most from our broken immigration system.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Our climate is changing and we have no choice but to respond. We can either address the root causes now, or force our children to deal with the catastrophic consequences of our continued inaction.

We must take action to address this threat to our planet.

As demand for fresh water increases, so too should our efforts to protect the Great Lakes, Wisconsin’s greatest treasure. Our economy relies on our natural resources, so we cannot continue to watch them be destroyed in pursuit of short-term corporate profits.

As a member of Citizen’s Climate Lobby, I paid my own way to go to Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress to support reasonable solutions to climate change. I will stand up to powerful special interests to protect our environment.


Stopping Enbridge Pipelines

Allowing Canadian tar sands oil to flow over our railways and under our rivers makes us less safe and increases our dependence on foreign oil. I am not afraid to take on powerful corporations and the politicians that do their bidding.

We need to keep oil in the ground and shift the American economy to 100% renewable energy.

You can count on me to use my platform to raise the voices of landowners and indigenous communities directly affected by the expansion of tar sands infrastructure, specifically Enbridge pipelines.

Unrigging Our Economy

The middle class is disappearing because millionaires and billionaires control too many politicians in Congress. You can trust me to oppose those powerful corporate interests and do what’s right for my constituents.

We must rebuild our economy from the bottom up.

That’s why I believe that all workers deserve to make at least $15/hour and be represented by a union. I will work to make our tax code progressive again by taxing Wall Street financial transactions and ensuring that CEOs no longer pay a lower rate than their secretaries.


More Voting, Less Money in Politics

We may not fix any of these issues unless we solve the underlying problem of money in politics.  I have consistently supported publicly-financed elections, and will strongly advocate for campaign finance reforms that increase transparency and make it possible for the most qualified candidates to run for office regardless of personal wealth or privilege.

The only defense against organized money is organized people.

I will continue to do the hard work of organizing with local groups against money in politics at the federal, state, and local level.  We should expand ballot access through automatic voter registration, restore faith in democracy through ranked-choice voting, and guarantee every citizen a constitutional right to vote.

The Republican movement to disenfranchise large swaths of Americans is reminiscent of our racist history of poll taxes, literacy tests, and other forms of voter suppression targeting the black community.  We must restore the Voting Rights Act, which had been our most successful defense against voter suppression for over 50 years.